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DHT and Prostiglandins Removal DiagramHairSecrets is published by Dr. Richard Armitage, a Trichologist with over fourteen years of experience. He wrote the book, Ultimate Hair Loss Secrets, after his own journey through hair loss and regrowth, the research and experience of which led to his regrowing his hair to the point that it is now thicker and fuller in his late 30s than it was in his teenage years. In the eBook, he shares with you his success and the exact methodology he developed. Through the eBook and this website, we will offer helpful advice based on the most cutting-edge science regarding hair loss, and debunk many of the myths and junk products claiming to “block DHT” and restore hair through other means disproven many times over yet still heavily marketed today. Believe it or not, regrowing your hair does not have to be as expensive an endeavor as many supplement and pharmaceutical companies would have you think; their objective is often not regrowing your hair, but rather their bottom line dollar–making sure you stay bald enough to continue buying their products.

Hair loss can be debilitating.  It is in many ways our essence; our identity.  When we begin to lose our hair, we may experience shock, fear, anxiety, and even chronically worry to the point that our hair loss is itself exacerbated by worrying.  As a result, ways to defeat stress and other behavioral factors that contribute to hair loss must be taken seriously.

In addition, there are many products and supplements on the market today claiming to work as magical cures to hair loss, but many are based on flimsy, uncontrolled trial studies that do not translate to human scientific models.  HairSecrets debunks the myths and sorts through the ocean of options, narrowing the field to only those products proven to work consistently and based on sound scientific research.

We will explore why Minoxidil, despite aggressive and powerful advertising campaigns, has been around for decades, but there are still millions of people who are losing their hair. Similarly, we will explore the topic of DHT, and talk about why saving your hair is more complex than simply “blocking DHT”.  We explore exactly how this process works in the body, why every individual is different, and how to block DHT the real way (incidentally, not using products labelled “DHT blockers”, but something completely different, that actually works).

DHT, Prostaglandins, and Hair Loss

DHT, Prostaglandins, and Hair Loss

Prostaglandins are a recent discovery that go far beyond DHT in the implication of hair loss.  In particular, prostaglandin D(2), known as PGD2, is found in the scalps of all bald people, and research studies show that its inhibition dramatically increases the growth of hair and stops hair loss. However, there are zero pharmaceutical PGD2 inhibitor drugs in the FDA research pipeline for the purposes of hair loss.  Yet there are ways to effectively and consistently inhibit PGD2 binding to hair follicles. Our cutting-edge research will show you how.

Today’s world is also a world full of chemicals.  In fact, there are exponentially more synthetic chemical compounds in existence today than there were just a decade ago, many of which are chlorine-based, and have been shown to massively disrupt normal endocrine system function.  Those living in more highly populated areas absorb these toxins on a daily basis, and they have a major impact on hair loss.  We explore ways to effectively treat and defeat these toxins and prevent them from binding at the follicle level, preventing hair loss and allowing the hair to regrow.

We have extensively and exhaustively researched all known and potential causes of hair loss, and compiled them for you, along with easy-to-use solutions right alongside each problem.  Did you know that certain prescription drugs, nutritional supplements, foods, and even certain forms of exercise can cause hair loss?  We list them all, and devote entire sections to each one, even advising on the androgenic impact of exercise, explaining, in depth, which forms of exercise have been scientifically shown through numerous research studies to increase hair growth and stop hair loss now.

At HairSecrets, we have also developed a set of proprietary scalp exercises called Hair Yoga that maximize hair regrowth by restoring blood flow to the scalp and follicles, rushing away DHT and toxins from the scalp, and rebuilding the musculature of the top of the head.  It even has the unintended side effect of lessening wrinkles of the face.

Balding Man

Normal hair loss should be no more than 50-100 hairs per day.

The Ultimate Hair Secrets ebook reveals the truth about hair loss:

  • Covers the full, up-to-date scientific background on hair loss, along with daily sources you may be unaware are killing your hair
  • Explores underlying causes of hair loss that often go overlooked (such as seborrhoeic dermatitis, hormonal imbalance, hypo/hyperthyroidism, and a particular mineral deficiency that has just come to light in new research)
  • Breaks down the truth and myths of DHT and prostaglandins, and how to treat their effects
  • Empowers you to balance your body’s hormonal systems for maximum hair regrowth,
  • Gives you a full package approach for dealing with stress, a major contributor to hair loss and roadblock to hair regrowth
  • Presents a deep review of nutrition, supplements, prescription medicines, hair loss products, and more, along with our own brand-specific tests for standardization and actual effectiveness in hair regrowth treatment
  • Explains exercise and its secret effects on hair loss (and how to exercise the right way for hair regrowth)
  • Pulls it all together with the HairSecrets Program, a comprehensive, easy-to-follow system consisting of the proprietary HairSecrets Stack (a tailored supplement solution to optimize your body’s hormonal systems and properly block the causes of hair loss both via the systemic stack and the topical stack), our special Hair Yoga Scalp Exercises for maximum blood flow and washing away of toxins such as DHT, and the HairSecrets Daily 1-2-3 Routine to follow daily for optimal hair regrowth.
  • To top it all off, we cover advanced hair styling tips that not only impact hair growth, but actually make your hair appear fuller and thicker, immediately.

Life is short, and every day spent losing hair is over a hundred hairs down the drain. Don’t wait, stop wasting time on junk products and hair loss websites and forums; pick up the Ultimate Hair Secrets ebook now, and get ready to regrow your hair the right way!

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