What Are Prostaglandins? How Do They Affect Hair Loss?

Portrait of attractive man with hair concernProstaglandins are lipid compounds derived enzymatically from fatty acids.  They have a variety of biochemical and physiological effects in general, including hormonal effects.  It was recently discovered that a particular prostaglandin, prostaglandin D(2) (PGD2) was highly elevated in the scalps of bald people5.  Furthermore, during normal follicle cycling in mice, PGD2 levels increase immediately preceding the regression phase of the follicle, suggesting an inhibitory effect on hair growth.  The study showed that PGD2 inhibited hair growth in explanted human hair follicles.

Unfortunately, no PGD2 inhibitors are in the FDA pipeline for hair loss anytime within the next 10+ years.  However, PGD2 can be highly modulated through a special combination of supplements in addition to synergistic nutrition and exercise changes. Download the Ultimate Hair Secrets eBook to find out how you can put this trick to work for you right now.


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