Styling Tip: “No Shearing, Thanks!”

Hair Thinning ShearsIf you’re in the early stages or hair loss, proper styling can really make a difference when it comes to highlighting problem areas.

Firstly, make sure you’ve covered your bases as styling products are concerned; an entire section of our eBook is devoted to the both the best topical treatments for growth and hair fullness appearance, as well as the products review section of this site.

Now for the tip. Next time you visit your hair stylist, make sure you tell them, “I’d like you to avoid using shears in the middle area (or any area where your hair is thin), and only cut length in that area instead.”

Many stylists use thinning shears as a quick and easy way to reduce hair volume and get through client load without having to actually cut the individual hairs with precision.

However, their use, particularly in hair that is beginning to thin, can be catastrophic. It literally reduces the fullness of the hair in large areas from the root upwards by half or more–NOT what you want when trying to regrow hair and maintain a full look.

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