About Our Team

Your humble author, Dr. Richard Armitage, first encountered the dreaded experience of hair loss in his early college years, following a stress-induced autoimmune response the caused a cascading series of events. Though many tools became available to him after his doctoral studies, the one that proved most useful was the mind. Through much trial and error, Richard not only completely stopped his hair loss and regrew his hair, but he now has a lower hairline in his late 30s than he did at age fifteen, and not a nanometer of male pattern baldness in sight. He shares his research and insights through a comprehensive plan in the eBook, Ultimate Hair Secrets: A Guide To Stopping Hair Loss Dead In Its Tracks and Regrowing a Full Head of Hair.

At HairSecrets, our team of researchers extensively test each and every major hair loss product on the market, as well as a wide array of herbal and organic supplements and nutritional products with hair-regrowing properties backed by sound scientific research. We test the products outlined in the eBook not only for standardization and potency, but for actual real-world effectiveness in their capacities to block DHT, inhibit prostiglandin production, balance the body’s hormonal systems, reduce stress, and more. We also test for environmental, pharmaceutical, and other stressors that cause hair loss. We put every bit of this research into the HairSecrets program outlined within the book, so that you can rest assured the regimen and program outlined are working to stop hair loss dead in its tracks, both systemically and topically. Download a preview of the eBook now and put our research to work for you.