Product Review: Min New York “Secure” Anti-DHT Styling Gel

Min New York Secure Anti-DHT Hair Gel

Min NY: “Secure” Gel

Min New York is a little-known brand that produces quite possibly some of the highest quality hair health styling products in the world. In particular, the product we tested extensively was the “Secure” Anti-DHT Firm Gel.

Min’s Secure Gel’s compounded ingredients include Biotin, Zinc Sulfate, Saw Palmetto, Procapil, and Copper Peptide Y3. Let’s break these down.

  • Biotin is a base nutrient that is found in hair and a deficiency can be responsible for hair loss.  However, biotin deficiency is rare.  In this case, it’s a good “core” nutrient to have in place, and may work wonders for a few, but generally this falls into the category of “hair vitamins”.  An exception is those who eat a lot of eggs; avidin is a protein found in egg whites which binds to biotin, causing malabsorption within the body.  If you eat a lot of eggs, be sure to cook the whites thoroughly, otherwise the risk of biotin deficiency may actually become a problem.
  • Zinc Sulfate has been shown in many studies to stop hair loss and regrow hair, particularly in individuals post-surgury or who experienced deficiency in zinc. However, many of these studies refer to systemic application of zinc (ingestion) rather than a topical application.  That said, a topical application of zinc is a good thing, because if zinc is going to help you, it will, but if you ingest too much zinc and aren’t already deficient, you may actually become zinc-toxic, and/or upset your body’s balance of zinc (as well as copper and other minerals that tend to bind and interface with zinc).  All in all, a helpful ingredient for some, non-helpful for others, generally harmful for no one.
  •  Saw Palmetto extract has long been promoted as an anti-DHT, prostate and hair health product.  In reality, numerous medical trials have shown that saw palmetto, even in standardized form, has borderline effectiveness in reducing symptoms of prostatitis, and no long-term trials have been conducted on its efficacy in the area of hair loss as a nutritional supplement.  However, in studies of saw palmetto as a topical treatment for hair growth, definite positive growth results were found over a 50 week period, both in reduction of inflammation and increase of hair thickness.  While conventional wisdom might point to the original thinking of saw palmetto as a DHT-binding, inhibitory agent, if we think outside the box a bit, we remember that saw palmetto is a plant, possessing powerful and complex phytonutrient and isoflavone compounds; it is likely that these contribute to saw palmetto’s effectiveness as a topical agent for anti-inflammatory and anti-DHT effect.
  • Procapil® is a combination of vitaminated biotinyl tripeptide-1 with apigenin and oleanolic acid.  This unique combination, also possessing bioflavanoids, has powerful anti inflammatory properties that aid in reversing and preventing the damage caused by DHT within the scalp.
  • Azelaic Acid – said to be a potential inhibitor of 5-alpha-reductase in human skin.  A reduction of this enzyme may reduce the amount DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the body and therefore, have a similar effect to finasteride.
  • Copper Peptide Y3 – this element peptide works to introduce copper ions into the hair follicle area, inhibiting DHT production in the scalp and activating the natural repair process that rebuilds and renews hair. Copper, along with the previously mentioned zinc and biotin, is vital to having healthy hair and scalp.

Our studies showed that Min’s Secure Gel was very effective in reducing inflammation, and was very effective as a styling product as well.  We recommend it as a standalone product, or as a base styling product, to be used first, followed by your other styling products.  This particular Min product is non-oily, which is ideal for individuals with hair loss; rather than making the hair clump together and further exposing the scalp, it dries fully, adding weight and volume to the hair, and expands the hair shaft, creating the appearance of fuller hair immediately, before its active ingredients actually even begin to do their work.

Rating:  A+

We highly recommend Min New York’s Secure Anti-DHT Gel as a core everyday styling product for optimal hair health and appearance.